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Beaten to a Pulp was written and directed by Rick Moyer
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The entire Drama from start to finish- 1:15:20

The Music from Beaten to a Pulp

Beaten to a Pulp Main Title


Prophesy who hit you

The Beating Frenzy

The road to the cross

Why have you forsaken?

What's the scoop? (DBTN INSTRUMENTAL)

The Stone Rolled Away

He is alive

The interrogation of Blake

Dusting the dagger

all of the songs zipped 42 megs

Special Remixes of Music

He is alive (drum remix)

What's the scoop (rave mix)

Prophesy who hit you (drum remix)

Beaten to a Pulp Promo

Director/Writer Commentary with Rick Moyer
Commentary by Rick Moyer
Cast of voice actors

Simon Meddings

Rick Moyer

Jen Rhodes

Catherine Moyer

Preston Ward

Nathan Moyer

Richard Peete

Darrell Skeels

Rick Dostie

David Rhodes

Dr. Charles Blankenship

Dr. Blake Rumstedt/various background voices

Dr. Samantha Crowley

Waitress at Cafe

Townsfolk/ Captain of the Guard

Roman Gaurd

Simon of Cyrene



News Anchor Man

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