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I have been releasing the drama in four parts on the Take Him With You Podcast. Click below to listen.

Take a listen to The Scrooge Diaries Part 1

Take a listen to The Scrooge Diaries Part 2

Take a listen to The Scrooge Diaries Part 3

Take a listen to The Scrooge Diaries Part 4
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Cast of Voice Actors for A Christmas Caroled

Felix Cromwell (Lamp Lighter)

Mike Featherstone

Sarah Cratchit

Ruth Featherstone

Tiny Tim

Kain Horton

Kid & Solosit on MCMSJTS

Catherine Moyer

Rude Kid

Andrew Moyer

Cratchit boy

Sam Featherstone

Evicted Woman and Bell

Amy Moyer

Ebenezer Scrooge & J.R. Finnius

Rick Moyer

Cratchit Child

Serena Horton

Bob Cratchit

Simon Meddings

Douglas Worthington

Daniel Vieria

Jacob Marley

Tim Morris

Angel of Christmas Past & Martha Cratchit

Jen Rhodes

Angel of Chstmas Present

Silas Carder

The Devil

Angela Flournoy

A Christmas Caroled Musical Audio Drama was written by Rick Moyer with help
from Suzie and Curt Holt. It has been adapted from "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.
All musical numbers and backgrounds were written, created, arranged and performed by Rick Moyer. Copyright 2009, all rights reserved
Property of Moyer Multi Media, LLC.

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