For as long as I can remember I have loved to gaze at the night sky. At an early age I enjoyed listening to music and loved science fiction. My imagination would take me on journeys through space as I would stare at the stars. One of my most favorite things as a kid was visiting Seattle's Laser Dome. The music was electronic and the dome would be inundated by lasers superimposed over stars. I always said that one day I would make music to look at the stars with- and so I have. One of my favorite past times during summer is to take a pillow and my iPod out into the yard, crawl onto the trampoline and look up at the stars while listening to a playlist I have created. I watch for shooting stars and satellites as I am immersed in music. It’s a show unequaled in beauty and creativity. No matter where you live you can look up at the night sky. Some places are better than others with less light pollution, but you get the picture. What I have attempted to do is bring us all together with a soundtrack of music to watch the stars with, no matter what hemisphere you are located on. In my studies I have found that if you sit in a dark room, or outside in the dark for about 30 minutes and then look up at the night sky, your eyes will be adjusted and you will see much more than if you just walked out of a bright room. If you live in a highly light polluted (street lights, city lights, etc.) area, then I recommend driving to a location that is darker. Then plug in your headphones, put on this album and relax for the over hour long journey.

I so enjoy creating stereo atmospheres, and thus have made this set of music with that in mind. I have a studio in my living room with a nice computer set up. Over the years I have owned several sound modules, an actual Moog synthesizer and more. As of right now, I create on a Korg Triton Le keyboard and other various sound sources. From time to time I will play guitar or my digital grand piano as well. I love thick rich sounds with a good beat.

While growing up I was greatly influenced by Pink Floyd, Tomita, Alan Parsons Project, ELO and Kraftwerk. Any artist that would put sound effects and electronic sounds in and between their music not only impressed me but inspired me as well. I not only create electronic space music, but have written over a hundred vocal and other instrumental songs as well. I have been in a rock band, played bass, electric guitar and sang. As a fan of filk, I do Star Trek Parody songs on a monthly basis for a world-wide audience on Rick Dostie’s Treks In Sci Fi podcast. In doing these songs and meeting interesting people from all around the world I saw a need for more music that could identify with the Science Fiction fan base as well as geeky computer folks and all around lovers of space travel and astronomy.

This project is really designed to listen to on some good headphones with dynamic bass response. Of course you don't have to look up at the night sky while listening, but it is recommended. The sounds are soothing and the idea is to sweep you away into the Universe. I incorporated real sounds of space from Sputnik to Apollo 14 and Apollo 8 astronauts. On the first track you actually get to hear the launching of Saturn rocket and landing on the moon. I also found sounds of radio emmisions from Saturn. These all mix into the music in stereo to flood your senses with the weightlessness and wonder of space.

I don’t hide the fact that I believe in God and am grateful for his creation. This is what motivates me and inspires me to create. I hope you enjoy my first “official” album called Stargazer. I hope it is the first of many more to come. Enjoy!

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