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Join us for crazy conversations, movie quotes and a review of Catching Fire and Iron Man 3… plus some Christmas Music! YAY! Enjoy!

  1. Father Beast Said,

    Really, Rick. Most of the quotes you threw at your wife from the movies you misquoted: In each case, the quote should have said, “Admiral”, not, “Captain”

    Here’s a quote I like to use, see if you can identify it: “I’d pay real money if he’d shut up”

  2. Rick Said,

    classic line from McCoy in Undiscovered Country… about Chang… :)

  3. Father Beast Said,

    Exactly Right.

  4. Father Beast Said,

    That was fun. Here’s another:

    They say there’s no devil, Jim, but there is. Right out of hell – I saw it.”

  5. Rick Said,

    That’s got to be Commander Decker talking about the giant bugle in space thar ate planets!

  6. Father Beast Said,

    Commodore, actually.

    You seem to have your TOS down pretty good, let’s change it up a bit.

    Try this one –

    “I’m a doctor, Not a doorstop.”

  7. Rick Said,

    First Contact when the Borg are breaking down the door- The Holographic Dr. makes the quip….in Sick Bay.

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