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Come join Amy and me for a crazy and fun podcast talking about the band Journey, making Christmas decorations, and a message about Joseph the step father of Jesus. PRETTY AWESOME podcast with lots of cool music. ENJOY!

  1. Father Beast Said,

    Ok, first off, Don’t Stop Believing was designated as my song back when I was in high school.\

    Second, I was impressed with the character of Joseph because after he had that dream, He got up immediately and married Mary. given her condition, that action was tantamount to admitting that he sired the child she was carrying.

    Third: here is your Star Trek quote for the week:

    “It is not my life to give up, Captain, and it never was.”

  2. Rick Said,

    I think it was Garak, but I’m not sure.

  3. Father Beast Said,

    I enjoyed the rocking version of Oh Come All Ye Faithful you played, although I usually prefer the version by Twisted Sister. I’m afraid Amy would not like that one, though. It is packed with those obnoxious loud guitar riffs she complains about.

    Oh my, I actually stumped you? it was the leader of a small group of Jem’Hadar in the DS9 episode “Rocks And Shoals”.

  4. Father Beast Said,

    Some 20 years ago, another songwriter made a collection he called “The Forgotten Carols”, in which there was a song about the 4th wise man, a shepherd who fell asleep and missed the angels, and some others. There was a song about Joseph in that collection, and when you said you were going to play Joseph’s Song, I thought it would be that one. It wasn’t, but that one was pretty good. Reminds me a bit of Mary Did You Know.

    Anyway, the other Joseph song had the refrain, “I was not his father – He was mine.”

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