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Track listings on the Stargazer CD-

1. Launch to the Moon

I took some audio from the Apollo 14 Lauch of the Saturn 5 rocket while playing a rich bed of music behind it. Then I added some electronic drums at lift off. From there I proceed to find audio from landing on the moon, then stepping on it. I hope you enjoy the musical score which is reprised in the song Rings from this album.

2. Radio Emmisions

This song was fun to do as I enjoy listening to sounds from space. I used some radio emmisions from Saturn and mixed them in as the funky music surrounds it.

3. The Aftermath

One of best Star Trek TNG episodes of all time was "The Best of Both Worlds" part one and two. I will never forget the chills that went down my spine when the Enterprise pulled up right after a gigantic space battle. The hulls of once proud starships hanging lifeless and destroyed amongst the stars. I wrote this song with the idea of this in mind. The dynamics of timpani drums combined with atmospheric like orchestra sounds is emotional and epic

4. Rings

I love seeing mock ups of probes spinning through space with antennas and silver shining bodies orbiting and such. Imagine rotating by Saturn and orbiting next to the rings. That would be something, and that would be motivation for this song.

5. Big Dipper

I'm not the best at remembering my stars and constellations, but I can spot the Big Dipper. During our summer it is always faithfully above a tree in our front yard until it gracefully moves up North. There is something relaxing and reassuring about it. So I created a song that tells its story.

6. Telemetry

Don't you just love the sounds of beeping data being recieved by scientists? I do. Add some scratchy radio communications from Cosmonauts, and sounds of Sputnik and you get the song Telemetry. I used the little pitch bender on my keyboard to get the fluid and fun technique on the main part that you hear. I enjoyed playing the drum part by hand and the sequenced bass part on this one too.

7. Constellations

The beauty of the stars reminds me of warm air and rhythmic beats. I can imagine what the folks thousands of years ago said as they gazed up at the sky. So many stars to be named and recognized. I used older ancient sounds with an orchestra plucking timbre. That and harps and a string section, coupled with the percussion elements makes this a relaxing journey back in time.

8. Maneuvering

What would it be like to float through space being guided only by small thrusters? Fascinating is the word that comes to my mind. This song uses the whole idea of that. It is very stereo and should create a sense of being guided carefully through a mission in deep space. You can hear the small cone thrusters as they operate and move your ship back on trajectory.

9. Look at the Stars!

This song was originally titled "Muse" and was for a different project. After listening to it I got the feeling of inspiration. On a crisp cool night where the sky is very clear you can see the Milky Way galaxy, and I can only say. "WOW look at the stars!"

10. Greetings

What would it be like to travel to another planet and discover intelligent life? That would be incredible! I wrote this song with the idea of traveling a long distance, approaching the planet where the alien life was and preparing to greet them. It uses many alien sounding timbres as well as a beat three quarters of the way in that knocks your ear buds out. I love playing the solo synth part. The synth bass part was a lot of fun, I kept dancing and having to re-record it because I was rocking out. It was cool to put a false ending in this one, then using a more Moog sound at the end. This is a very fun and ancient yet funky song!

11. Final Stage

After years and years of flight through empty space the probe finally reaches it's destination. It has accomplished its mission and is now sending its last bit of information to headquarters. The beat is ancient symbolizing the time that has gone by and the instrumentation is meant to bring a classic orchestral peace to the song. It should remind you of the closing credits to an epic space movie.

12. Splash Down

Watching footage from the Apollo splash downs I was inspired to bring the helicopters out and write a song that was pop in its sound. So many folks showed up to help the astronauts from the frogmen to the battleships. So the song is active with all sorts of things going on it, just like splash down.

13. Lunar Sunrise

Apollo Eight astronauts Lovell, Anders and Borman read from Genesis Chapter 1 on Christmas Eve December 24, 1968. I was only three years old as they inspired the world during a lunar sunrise. I wrote music that I hope captured the moment.

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